Accessibility Suite Pro Is the ADA Plugin for WordPress

Scan And Update Your Entire WordPress Website For WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 Compliance In Just Minutes

Get detailed reports any developer can use to update your website. 

No accessibility knowledge required!

See the Plugin In Action

Get Accessibility Compliant in Just 3 Steps

Step 1: Scan Your Entire Site for Accessibility Issues

Don’t settle for solutions which don’t check your entire site. Our ADA Plugin scans everything on your site – that means all media files, posts, pages, and objects. 

Step 2: Examine Your Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports that shows you the exact elements in violation and the exact regulations to meet. These reports are designed to be used by any developer regardless of prior accessibility experience. 

Step 3: Make Your Updates and Set Recurring Scans

After updating your site under the guidance of your reports, set up a recurring scan. This ensures that your site stays compliant as new content is added.

Get Independently Certified as Accessibility Compliant

Once you have completed all necessary updates to your site, we can independently certify that your site meets compliance. There is no better peace of mind available.

What Others Are Saying

“Look no further for an ADA compliance tool. ADA Plugin is the most robust and comprehensive ADA tool available. Get your time back while providing the best results to your clients!”
Rich Smith
COO, Think Big Business Solutions
“The ADA plugin helped me double-check my work and made sure I followed all of the ADA guidelines, since there is so much information to follow. It also gave our client peace of mind”
Carolina Y.
WordPress Developer
“Using ADA Plugin lets our development team evaluate and fix ADA issues on the fly!”
Joaquin Garcia-Larrieu

Key Features

Scans all images, posts, pages, and objects on your site

Displays exact requirements needed for compliance

Color Blindness Report shows site as it appears to 8 different types of color blindness.

Checks the color contrast of text to ensure it is sufficiently legible

Scans in the cloud – saving your server resources

Filter Reports by WCAG A, AA, and Section 508 Errors

Downloadable CSV Reports perfect for creating work estimates

Site Summary with Compliance Grading

Brand New and Improved User Interface

We’ve spent years developing a suite of tools so you can do in just a few days what used to take compliance experts months – without needing to know the ins and outs of WCAG and Section 508 compliance.

Whether you’re new to accessibility or are a compliance expert, this plugin will save you time and frustration as you make your WordPress website accessible.

See Your Site Through AnOther's Eyes

With the Color Blindness Report, you can see your website through the lens of 8 different types of color blindness

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