[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you looked at the requirements for Section 508 ADA Compliance in official websites? If you’re a Section 508 compliance manager or a digital agency representing clients who require ADA compliance, you surely have looked at them. You’ve seen how confusing they can be. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Section 508 Checklist?

We’ve not only created a Section 508 Checklist, we’ve put that checklist in plugin form. With one click to get the ADA Plugin going, you can turn on a powerful checklist program. It goes over the pass/fail checklist of compliance features required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Here is one example of how a Section 508 Checklist would be helpful…One Section 508 standards requires that data tables have row and column headers identified. Assisstive devices such as screen readers need help identifying columns and rows headers of tables.

A “fail” on a Section 508 checklist would be to have data tables that have no header rows or columns. Another “fail” would be to have tables without true headers labeled with headers.

A “pass” for this category on a Section 508 checklist would ensure that data tables have column and/or row headers appropriately identified using the element.

Non-compliant Tables are identified.

Going through each of the standards required by the ADA Compliance act without a Section 508 checklist of any kind would be time consuming. It’s something that you have to do as part of your job if you’re a manager of ADA compliance. There’s a better way to spend your time!

The ADA Plugin takes the checklist metaphor and brought it to life. The plugin scans the site it is installed on and does the checklist work for you. If an element on your site is not compliant, it offers the explanation for why and gives you an opportunity to fix it.

No more hunting down each element, page by page, line of code by line of code. Let the ADA Plugin do the work! Schedule a new scan if you have added elements to your site since the last scan. Simply start the plugin up again and it will tell you if anything new requires your attention to become ADA compliant. Get in touch for more information!

There’s an option to run a manual scan or set automated recurring scans.


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s an easy new way to manage your ADA compliance for WordPress. It’s called the ADA Plugin. And, the developers of the plugin have created two exclusive Facebook groups where you can join for free and receive free training, tools and resources to manage your ADA compliance.

We’re going to be expanding the ADA Plugin with new features including a colorblindness checker. As of now, the ADA Plugin is only available as a WordPress plugin. In the coming months, we’re turning the plugin into a webchecker. As a webchecker, even websites not on the WordPress platform can use it. In these Facebook groups, we’ll share how to use the plugin and other tools.

If you are an ADA analysts, ADA consultant or a digital agency owner (or you work with someone who is) check out these groups!

If you own or manage a digital agency, and you would you like to help people achieve compliance and make money doing it, the Digital Agencies for Online ADA Compliance Facebook group is the community you’ve been looking for. Agencies have an opportunity to sell their clients the service of achieving and maintaining ADA compliance. Credit unions, non-profits, large retail chains, and other institutions need to be ADA compliant. Not being ADA compliant can mean lost money. Agencies can help their clients save money and avoid lawsuits by purchasing this service.

Click to join the Digital Agencies for Online ADA Compliance Facebook group for free knowledge and tools.

If you are an ADA compliance analyst or consultant, the community in the ADA Tools for Analysts & Consultants Facebook group is where we’ll share tools and knowledge to make achieving and maintaining digital compliance quick and easy. As we said above, large and small businesses and institutions are going to become more interested in maintaining ADA compliance. If you learn how to achieve ADA compliance now, you’ll be ahead of the curve when it becomes the norm for all sites.

Click to join the ADA Tools for Analysts & Consultants group for free knowledge and tools.

The Digital Agencies for Online ADA Compliance Facebook group is the place to find free training that will save you time and save your clients money! You’ll get tips on how to use the plugin in the easiest and most effective way. We’ll also share ways that you can use your training to provide your clients with the services they need.

Along with other tips and tools we’ll share in the the ADA Tools for Analysts & Consultants group, you’ll learn ways to save yourself time, which will in turn save your clients money.

Digital accessibility is now a requirement for government website and non-profit organizations. Organizations including private businesses can be sued for lacking compliance.

We’ve created these two private, closed Facebook groups to share tools and knowledge related to managing digital compliance. You can easily manage compliance on your websites, and you can make money sharing your knowledge with your agency’s clients. We’ll show you how!

Join our groups!

Click to join the Digital Agencies for Online ADA Compliance Facebook group for free knowledge and tools.

Click to join the ADA Tools for Analysts & Consultants group for free knowledge and tools.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]