Easily Audit and Update Your WordPress Website for Accessibility


Brand New to Accessibility Compliance?

Download your free checklist and guide to get started making your website compliant.

This guide will show you how to retrofit your existing website for accessibility, your vulnerability to predatory lawsuits, how to create an accessibility plan, and much more!

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Achieving Accessibility Compliance Has Never Been Easier!

The ADA Plugin holds your hand through the process of making your WordPress website ADA compliant.

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Do you make updates or improvements to the plugin?

Absolutely! We’re constantly on the lookout for changes in accessibility regulations which may require an update to the plugin. Additionally, we’re always looking for ways to improve the performance and features of the plugin.

Do you guarantee Acessibility Compliance?

We have made every effort in good faith to build a plugin that will help you achieve and maintain accessibility compliance for your WordPress website. We believe that if you regularly use the plugin (monthly scanning or more often if your site changes frequently), follow its instruction, and complete the provided compliance checklist, your website should meet the requirements that the federal government sets forth. Remember, digital accessibility is a complex topic with many technical requirements. For the first 20 years that websites have existed, a completely accessible website was very difficult to achieve, and perhaps even harder to maintain. The ADA Plugin for WordPress makes this process profoundly easier.

Does it work with any theme?

The plugin will work with any properly coded theme. If you have a technical issue, please contact us. Your license includes unlimited technical support.

Are there refunds for the plugin?

Theoretically, someone could purchase and install the plugin, run a scan, dramatically improve their website, save tens of thousands of dollars over a manual website audit, and then ask for a refund all in the same day. We do not offer refunds for the purchase of this plugin. All sales are final.


“Look no further for an ADA compliance tool. ADA Plugin is the most robust and comprehensive ADA tool available. Get your time back while providing the best results to your clients!”

-Rich Smith, COO Think Big Business Solutions

“Using ADA Plugin lets our development team evaluate and fix ADA issues on the fly!”

-Joaquin Garcia-Larrieu Link2CITY

“The ADA plugin helped me double-check my work and made sure I followed all of the ADA guidelines, since there is so much information to follow. It also gave our client peace of mind, knowing they can scan their site and continuously check their website to make sure it follows ADA guidelines”

-Carolina Y., WordPress Web Developer

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